2019 Jeep Cherokee Owner's Manual

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2019 Jeep Cherokee Owner's Manual

The initial version of the updated Cherokee includes cruise control, a parking brake that can be adjusted through the electronic system, GPS, and a rear camera that allows you to park comfortably. The exterior of the car stands out due to the head and rear optics, equipped with LED lighting. Thanks to the special style, the car looks muscular and elegant. It is perfectly suitable for both city and off-road.

Regardless of the modification, the ’20 Cherokee has an automatic transmission. The initial version provides an atmospheric engine of 2.7 liters and a maximum capacity of 177 horsepower. Crossover is able to accelerate to 100 km/h in 10.4 seconds. As for the average fuel consumption, in the city – 8.8 liters, off-road up to 7.5-7.8 liters.

The interior of the vehicle is highly ergonomic and functional. The onboard electronics are positioned as close as possible to the driver’s seat, ensuring comfortable operation of the vehicle. The front seats are of the sporty type, with comfortable side support built in, making even long journeys enjoyable.

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