2019 Jeep Cherokee Limited Owner's Manual

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2019 Jeep Cherokee Limited Owner's Manual

The 2019 Cherokee Limited SUV is one popular SUV that is in the same class as brands like: Honda, Ford and Toyota. However, all of these vehicles lack one advantage: the loud Jeep name. In everyday, city driving, the Cherokee Latitude is quite quiet, few SUVs are equipped with a V6 engine, it is much better than a 4-cylinder motor.

The 2019 version now lacks sport trim, and blind spot monitoring and parktronic are present. With sharp and sudden corners, the car confidently copes, long-distance driving, especially on the highway, also brings only pleasure. The optional V6 engine, along with an improved transmission, make the car more maneuverable on the road.

While Jeep’s competitors use 4-cylinder engines in their models, Jeep goes the old, but tried-and-true way — more shifts and more cylinders in the engine. The result is a towing capacity of 2,040 pounds, a good figure for a compact SUV. The front seats have a comfortable adjustment, the memory of the passenger’s position is preserved. The trunk door has been updated externally, the front headlights are represented by a stripe and a little squint. The entertainment and multimedia system is presented in the form of a 5-inch screen with rear view and 6-speaker acoustics.

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