2018 Jeep Cherokee Owner's Manual

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2018 Jeep Cherokee Owner's Manual

The Jeep brand has always been associated with powerful SUVs. Today, the company produces dozens of models, and the 2018 Cherokee is among them. The release of the sixth generation brought with it changes: the radiator grille has increased, the upper optics have LED lights, the high beam has been moved a little closer to the outside. The lower part of the bumper also now has LEDs, the engine is better cooled due to the additional grille.

You can hardly see any changes in the interior, the center console has been changed a little bit. The multimedia system got a thin trim and side reflectors. The 2018 Jeep Cherokee offers three engines:
– A gasoline engine, 2.4-liter displacement, 180 hp;
– A second “gasoline” engine with 3.2-liter displacement, 271 hp;
– Diesel with 2.0 liter volume, 270 hp.

There are front- and all-wheel drive versions of the car. As for other innovations, the front optics became adaptive, cruise control appeared, car control became more elaborate. In terms of safety, Jeep has always been in order: blind spot detection, collision avoidance, traffic monitoring on the highway, pedestrian detection system.

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