2023 Jeep Renegade Owner's Manual

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2023 Jeep Renegade Owner's Manual

In 2018, a restyling of the popular Jeep Renegade SUV model was introduced. Relatively compact, powerful, stylish, comfortable, and safe – these are the main epithets that can characterize this car model. If we talk about the appearance of the model, then it received relatively few changes:

• Functional LED optics;
• Transfer of direction indicators;
• A large number of plastic inserts;
• A new kind of rear lights;
• Changed the appearance of the rear bumper.
Wheels with a diagonal of 17 inches and a clearance of 21 cm allow you to perfectly pass through many obstacles.


Unlike the previous generation, the Jeep Renegade received a different set of engines:
1. Gasoline 1.0 liters = 120 horsepower.
2. Gasoline 1.3 liters = 150 horsepower.
3. Gasoline 1.3 liters = 180 horsepower.
4. Diesel 1.6 liters = 120 horsepower.
5. Diesel 2.0 liters = 140 horsepower.
6. Diesel 2.0 liters = 170 horsepower.
The transmission can be either an automatic 6-speed or manual 6-speed. The transmission is available in two versions: front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. As a rule, the rear axle is connected when slipping and in other situations when it is necessary to increase the vehicle’s cross-country ability.

Electronic assistants and other systems

Jeep Renegade is a safe and functional vehicle. This model will please with a large number of assistants. Among them, one can separately note the tracking of markings, adaptive cruise control, assistance when starting downhill, control of blind spots, and so on. Also very useful is the descent assist system – the car itself controls the force on the brake discs to maintain a safe speed.
The multimedia system pleased with high-quality audio equipment, and a functional 7-inch screen. Inside the car, there are many additional elements aimed at connecting and charging mobile devices and their synchronization.


The main competitors of the Jeep Renegade are cars such as Volkswagen T-Cross, Mazda CX-30, BMW X2.

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