2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee Owner's Manual

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2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee Owner's Manual

One of the brightest representatives of this automobile brand, the Jeep Grand Cherokee pleasantly surprises and strikes right into the hearts of millions of motorists around the world. The restyled model has not changed much in appearance, although it has become larger. But in terms of technical equipment and interior changes are visible to the naked eye. The Jeep Grand Cherokee 2023 is a premium SUV that not only offers good off-road capabilities, but also excellent comfort.

The main restyling changes

First of all, the electrification of the cabin is noticeable. In addition to the main display of the multimedia system, there is also a separate monitor for the passenger and monitors for the rear passengers. They allow you to work with the navigation system, control several other car systems and just have fun: listen to music, watch movies, and so on.

Regarding safety and comfort, the car received the following systems:
1. 360-degree view cameras.
2. Projection screen in front of the driver.
3. Camera with night vision function.
4. 4-zone climate control.

A set of electronic assistants deserves great attention, which makes it possible to turn on the autopilot on the track: the car will read all the information about the nearest traffic participants and the traffic situation that may affect safe driving. This includes adaptive cruise control.


Three engine options are installed on the Jeep Grand Cherokee:
• Gasoline atmospheric 3.6 liters = 297 horsepower.
• Gasoline atmospheric 5.7 liters = 362 horsepower.
• Hybrid setup: 2.0 liter turbocharged petrol engine + electric motor = 380 horsepower.

The hybrid version makes the operation of the car as economical as possible due to the automatic inclusion of the electric motor in those moments when high power is not needed. All engines are mated to a reliable 8-speed automatic transmission.


Among other brands, Jeep Grand Cherokee competitors are the following cars: Land Rover Range Rover Sport, Volkswagen Touareg, Acura MDX.

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