2020 Jeep Compass Owner's Manual

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2020 Jeep Compass Owner's Manual

The Jeep Compass 2020 has received changes that now make it easy to recognize. The radiator grille has been changed, but it has remained with large cells. In the center of the grille is placed the manufacturer’s logo. The headlights are completely redesigned. The “male” character is emphasized thanks to the stop-segments at the rear of the truck.

There is a separate niche for the license plate. The bumper was equipped with reflectors and silver protection. The cabin received an on-board multifunctional computer. The body is made of high-strength steel, but the hood is made of aluminum. During the presentation of Jeep Compass members of the public it was presented in 17 technical variants, but only one is available in Russia – 2.4-liter gasoline engine with 150 horsepower and 9-speed automatic transmission. The basic package includes an all-wheel-drive Active Drive transmission with GNK multi-disc clutch.

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