2018 Jeep Compass Latitude Owner's Manual

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2018 Jeep Compass Latitude Owner's Manual

The Compass Latitude SUV has increased ground clearance of 216 mm (the regular Compass has 190 mm). In this model, the Selec-Terrain mode selector has an assistant when going downhill, 4WD Low mode (this mode simply activates a lower gear) and Rock mode. Trailhawk bumpers are also different from the conventional Comapss, they were designed with the idea to improve the cross-country capability of the vehicle. As a result, the angle of approach is 30 degrees instead of 17. The interior of the model is recognizable thanks to the red elements of the doors, center console and dashboard.

The 2018 Jeep Compass Latitude offers several engines: a 1.9-liter turbodiesel with 140 hp, a 2.3-liter gasoline with 150 hp, and a more powerful “gasoline” with the same displacement but 180 hp. As for the ride, the car is comfortable to drive at a constant speed. A good smooth ride and a mildly tuned suspension is accurate in handling and does not cause discomfort while driving. The 2019 Comapss Trailhawk rides clearly to the side of the steering wheel, there is no lag even in tight corners. When accelerating hard, the car gets a little nosey, but not critically. The Compass Trailhawk’s increased traction and ability to get out of a tight spot sets it apart from its segment competitors.

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