2006 Jeep Commander Owner's Manual

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2006 Jeep Commander Owner's Manual

The Jeep Commander 2021 is a station wagon crossover with a base from the Cherokee. Exterior body panels are now not as boring, the car is slightly larger than the Compass model, the third row of seats will accommodate more passengers, and there are USB ports on each row. The company decided not to release simple packages, only Limited and Overland are available. The first Commander came out in 2018, it was created specifically for China. The 2021 SUV in question today debuted in Brazil. Clearance from 208 to 211 mm, depending on the version of the car, you can choose the diameter of the wheels, “light” in the car everywhere diode.

The front part of the cabin is completely taken from the Compass model: leather upholstery, seven pillows, multicomplex with two 10-inch monitors. The trunk capacity is 221 liters, if to fold a back row, the useful area increases up to 661 liters. As for the engine, the basic version has a gasoline turbo engine, 1.3 liter volume and capacity of 185 hp. A six-speed automatic transmission is responsible for the transmission, and only front-wheel drive is available. However, in terms of the engine Jeep offers an alternative – 2.0 liter turbo-diesel with 170 hp automatic transmission with nine steps, first downshift gear, and all-wheel drive.

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