2010 Jeep Commander Owner's Manual

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2010 Jeep Commander Owner's Manual

The Jeep Commander in is not a large SUV, as it was before, but a stylish crossover, which is also characterized by quite considerable dimensions. Currently, there are two versions of this car – for China and for Brazil. The model has nothing in common with the previously known Commander. It is characterized by quite strict and square shapes. Unlike most modern crossovers, the car does not have unpainted protective trim at the bottom of the body. It is sold on bright and originally designed alloy wheels. The car has the original radiator grille inherent in many modern models of the brand. The car is sold with bright and narrow LED optics. Two-tone body painting is available.

The crossover features a spacious and luxuriously designed leather interior. It is equipped with advanced multimedia and many other pleasant and useful options. The trunk of the car is very spacious. The model has received many advanced features for maximum comfort and safety.

The length of the car is about 5000 mm, the ground clearance is about 210 mm. It is available in front-wheel and all-wheel drive versions. But even in the front-wheel drive configuration the car is distinguished by a good cross-country ability. And with all-wheel drive the crossover in its qualities is almost in no way inferior to a real off-roader.

It is offered with sufficiently powerful gasoline and diesel engines. The power unit that runs on gasoline has a volume of 1.3 liters and capacity of 185 hp It is equipped with a turbine. The turbocharged diesel engine has a displacement of 2 liters and produces 170 horsepower. The car can be bought only with automatic transmission.

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