2010 Jeep Liberty Owner's Manual

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2010 Jeep Liberty Owner's Manual

The Jeep Liberty is similar to the Russian version of the UAZ Patriot. The first model went on display to car enthusiasts in 2006 at the New York Auto Show. This model is based on the GS platform. In the U.S., the car was offered for sale in front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. But in Europe only the front-wheel drive version was supplied. The car decided to update in 2010.

The exterior of the car was updated to a minimum only to give a sporty style. The interior of the truck received the biggest update. The updated model Jeep Liberty presented to the public in 2011. The car represents its predecessor with changes in the interior of the cabin and body, and technical characteristics. The difference between this and the previous model in the front bumper and grille. This version also has 17-inch wheels. The car will be available in four different colors. The 2011 Jeep Liberty has much better quality cabin trim.

And also the car got a new and improved steering wheel. On the technical side the car is distinguished by an improved suspension and new steering settings.

The car has a gasoline engine 2.4-liter with a capacity of 170 horsepower. With this engine the car is able to reach speeds up to 185 km / h. In this model range the car came only with four-wheel drive. In 2012 it was decided to cancel production of Jeep Liberty along with stopping the conveyor Compass.

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