2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Owner's Manual

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2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Owner's Manual

Grand Cherokee Limited 2015 is equipped with a V6 engine with a capacity of 295 hp and 3.6 liters, the system Star{Stop saves fuel and oil. As a result, the Limited will be able to overcome on one tank a thousand kilometers, which is very relevant for long journeys. Grand Cherokee Limited 2016 received an eight-speed automatic transmission, which made overcoming the off-road more confident, and the speeds are shifted smoothly and without delay.

The Quadra-Track 2 system allows the car to stay on the road with confidence, not being afraid of steep slopes.
As for the exterior, it is as always brutal and unexpectedly elegant. The auto is offered in 9 colors and has light-alloy 18-inch or 20-inch disks. The interior has been designed with maximum care for people. The leather seats and the trim with the presence of wood and chrome speaks of the quality and status of the car. It was a surprise to find that Jeep had heated steering wheel and seats in the “base”.

Jeep models have always been known for increased safety, and here is the Grand Cherokee Limited has in its arsenal of emergency warning and parking assistant. In the end, we can say that the Grand Cherokee Limited 2016 is an SUV of increased comfort and safety.

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